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The Beyonder Difference

We have started Beyonder as a labour of love… a chase for those moments in which we forget ourselves in immersion with the place and the moment…moments that take one away from oneself… moments that take one beyond and further… moments that we call the “Beyonder” moments…

We have gone to great lengths to chase these intoxicatingly beautiful, breath-taking moments… To this end, we take the road less taken, immerse ourselves in fabulously strange places and taste the culture and the land first hand… We strive to create opportunities for you to share our joy, share the search and find those ‘Beyonder’ moments for yourselves like we have done… Our packages are just these – opportunities…

The signature of our programs is first hand experiences – we aren’t experts, we aren’t the best-of-the-best adventurers… each one of us is a person like you – hankering for adventure, novelty, enrichment in experiences and chasing those elusive ‘Beyonder’ moments. We consult the internet, friends, consulates, magazines, etc when crafting our itineraries and then travel extensively in the place. We then get the best of partners as local guides with an intimate perspective of their own lives in the country to ensure a more complete immersion for us in the place we explore…

With our innovative itineraries, our local connect, and a promise of having experienced every single experience in our bouquet, we have the privilege of offering you truly outstanding exceptional travel experiences tailored to your needs and expectations.

What is the Beyonder Difference?

We are You

We have done it ourselves… and we are just a bunch of travellers like you… so rest assured that your concerns were once ours too, and have been addressed.

Tailored just for you

We have crafted every itinerary to afford you the opportunities to experience those “Beyonder” moments. In that sense, they are all hand-crafted… and we are only too happy to hear your requirements and try to add modules to our suggestions to better suit you.

Curated beyond the ordinary

We very carefully sift through myriad options and choose only those destinations that aren’t the usual… After all, one doesn’t find those “Beyonder” moments while jostling for photo-opportunities in those “touristy” places.

The beauty of Immersive travel

We aren’t a package tour company that gives you “visit tick-mark tourism”. We focus on immersive experiences and hence provide enough opportunities to soak in a place, its culture and its people…

Good company

Those who come to us are people like you and us – those who value travel and the experiences. Those who are not into the “been there done that” kind of “tick-box” travel. Be a part of the Beyonder Tribe, people who choose not to trip on the usual…

Exceptional local resources

We work with the best local partners in every location we visit… and we ensure that their principles are in line with the high standards of transparency and ethics that we maintain.

You focus on the experience, we will take care of the rest

While we are more focussed on the experience, we know that comfort is also of prime importance. Our accommodation and travel itineraries will not leave anything to be desired.

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism

We believe in travelling responsibly and sustainably – leaving the least footprint and helping the local community as much as possible.

We are not another travel company, we believe we are experience curators… we believe we are “Beyonder” moment chasers… Come with us… Experience what we have experienced… Come, let’s go Beyonder.

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