Responsible Tourism

We believe that Travel and Tourism should be planned and practiced as a means of individual and collective fulfilment. When practiced with an open mind, it is an irreplaceable factor of self-education, mutual tolerance and for learning about the legitimate differences between peoples, their cultures and their diversity.

1) Be a Responsible Tourist

While we as an experiential travel company would do our level best to ensure a sustainable and responsible travel experience, we would request our travellers to do their bit by paying attention and adhering to the small things that go a long way towards showing respect to the local community and the other stakeholders.

  • Open your mind to other cultures and traditions. It will transform your experience; you will earn respect and be more readily welcomed by local people.
  • Respect human rights. Exploitation in any form conflicts with the fundamental aims of tourism. The sexual exploitation of children is a crime punishable in the destination or at the offender’s home country.
  • Help preserve the natural environment. Protect wildlife and their habitat. Do not purchase products made from endangered plants or animals.
  • Respect cultural resources. Activities should be conducted with respect for the artistic, archaeological and cultural heritage.
  • Your trip can contribute to economic and social development. Purchase local handicrafts and products to support the local economy using the principles of fair trade. Bargaining for goods should reflect an understanding of a fair wage.
  • Inform yourself about the destination’s current health situation and access to emergency and consular services prior to departure and be sure that your health and personal security will not be compromised.
  • Learn as much as possible about your destination and take time to understand the customs, norms and traditions. Avoid behavior that could offend the local population.
  • Familiarize yourself with the laws so that you do not commit any act considered criminal by the law of the country visited.

(Source: UNWTO’s The Responsible Tourist and Traveller Guide )

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2) Your Actions Count

We are voluntary participants and sincere supporters of the campaign for Responsible Tourism promoted by the UNWTO and others. We require each of our clients to commit to the five principles of the campaign:

  • Think twice before buying or consuming something made out of an exotic tree, plant or wild animal as you may be contributing to their extinction or exploitation.
  • If you believe that someone is being forced to work against their own free will, is being abused or if you see something that doesn’t look right in a bar, hotel etc., report it.
  • Make sure that the souvenirs you take home have a documented and legal history, aren’t stolen and can be exported. When buying, what seems to be a great bargain, could be a case of exploitation of sellers. Avoid putting your money in the hands of organized crime and purchase ethically.
  • Don’t carry packages or items for anyone else/strangers, as ignorance is no defense against the law. Sometimes gangs use travelers as ‘plants’ to carry forward their menace.

3) Be a Child Safe Traveller

Child Protection PolicyBeyonder Experiences LLP believes all children should be safe from harm. We will not tolerate abuse. Instead, we will protect children through all of our business practices.

  • We will provide training for all staff so they are empowered to act if they see a situation where children face abuse or exploitation.
  • We expect and encourage all staff / local partners to report any child protection concerns to the management.
  • We are committed to follow-up all reports and refer information about child exploitation to the relevant authorities.
  • We will actively display the child protection campaign in our business so our customers know our position.
  • We expect and encourage all our travellers to play a part in creating a child-safe tourism environment.

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