Why visit Sweden?

Sweden is the largest among the Scandinavian countries. Known to be one of the most peaceful countries in Europe, Sweden is one of the countries which has not been in war since 1815 the other one being Switzerland. Sweden has one the highest standard of living and highest life expectancy in the world.

If you want to feel “free to roam”, you have to be in Sweden. You can pitch a tent, forage for wild berries or catch fish in the lakes for free and without worry. While I was very tempted to do this, but eventually settled for something else, I must admit here, I have no regrets. There are so many exotic surprises that await you in these Nordic countries. Freaky seasonal weather, midnight sun in summer,2 million saunas, an annual day for failure, that’s right, celebrating bad news and ill-fortune as a way of learning for the future, the list is endless.


In my attempt to explore the Nordic land I have spent a lot of time in Sweden, cruised through the Scandinavian capitals and Sweden happened to me by chance or may be an act of will but slightly unusual (wish I had more time). Nevertheless, it was worth it. When in Sweden, make sure to experience “Fika” …the coffee drinking tradition with family and friends

This is an attempt to create some experiences which will let you savour these countries in style.


Sweden Experiences

february, 2020

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Best places to visit in Sweden

Stockholm – The capital and largest city in Sweden, famous for its beauty and the amazing archipelago.

Gothenburg – A port and industrial city on the west coast.

Växjö – A beautiful city which defended Sweden against the Danish once upon a time

Linköping – Also considered as a university city in Sweden.

Jönköping – A scenic town surrounded by lakes in Småland.

Kiruna – Known to be a mining town in Lappland.

Top things to do in Sweden

  • Take a tour of Drottningholm Palace
  • Visit the Fotografiska in the centre of Stockholm
  • Gorge on the fab Swedish food – Semla, vaffeldagen, marinated salmon, lingonberries, crayfish, etc
  • Attend a live Jazz show, some of them free…
  • Shop till you drop – textiles, licorice, denim, skin care essentials, etc

Things to note

The best time to visit Sweden is between May and September. The northern lights can be seen during the winter months of September to early April
We have created these experience capsules after travelling and experiencing this country ourselves. We can, of course, customize these to your requirement or interest areas – a holiday tailored exactly to your needs

Contact us to create a customized Sweden itinerary for your self

What our Travellers Say

SangeethaBeyonder Traveller - Iceland

I did my first solo trip with Beyonder to Iceland in Feb 2018! Drawn by the desire to see the Northern Lights, I had been wanting to do this for a long long time but I couldn’t find a travel companion and was a bit skeptical on travelling solo to Iceland.


However, it turned out to be one of the most unforgettable experiences! Not only because Iceland is such a beautiful country but also as the trip was very well organized, comfortable travel and lovely stay options, some really unique experiences like riding an Icelandic horse, visiting a tomato farm, standing in the continental rift, or peeking into the cave where Jon Snow loses his virginity (GoT fans will know what I am talking about) to trying a horse meat steak -it was just superb! For a woman solo traveller, the safety and the seamless experience has given me the confidence to try this again…thanks to the wonderful team of Beyonder!


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