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Why explore Spiritual side of India?

The Indian civilization is more than five thousand years old. In spite of the innumerable regional, social and linguistic diversities of the country, there has always been a basic unity in Indian culture and Spirituality has been the essence of every religion. Spirituality is deeply rooted in the ancient philosophical and religious traditions of the land.

Spirituality in this country is often inter-woven with religion, legends, stories, rituals and tradition to form an integral part of the culture. This is what makes it so fascinating to observe. We at Beyonder love to view this tapestry and constantly get awed and wonder-struck at the sheer depth of meaning and spirituality in every small design of this intricate tapestry that is our culture.

Our attempt in these tours that we have created is to show you a glimpse of this rich tapestry… Where the lines between fact and fiction, myths and history, rituals and tradition, cults and culture, Gods and Demons, humans and animals all seem to blur and vanish… Take a look….

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Spiritual Indian Experiences

december, 2019

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What our Travellers Say

Kavitha Sharma & FamilyBeyonder Traveller - Uttaranchal - India

Thank you Beyonder for organising our Uttaranchal trip. It was a wonderful experience, starting from the elements of the itinerary, accommodation and transport.


Appreciate all your efforts. We look forward to your support for all our future trips. Also happy to know that you are promoting sustainable tourism and contributing towards reducing the carbon footprint.


Raghavendra BhatBeyonder Traveller - Sikkim

Overall experience was really great. The pace of the trip was exactly the way we wanted – that is relaxed. Choice of hotels was very good and value for money.


The travel tips and suggestions provided beforehand were very useful. Inclusion of a farm visit and a tea tasting session were really well thought out and this kind of customisation (or personalisation!!!) is definitely a USP for Beyonder! Having a guide was extremely useful. This person was very pleasant and highly knowledgeable.


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