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Why visit South India?

The South of India is a veritable treasure-trove of experiences, waiting to be soaked up. This is the land that boasts of 5 states, 6 major languages, beaches, waterfalls, forests, lakes, backwaters, wild life sanctuaries, major rivers, hill stations, cultural/religious icons/temples and even being the birthplace of the famous traditional dance forms of Bharatanatyam and Kathakali… The diversity of experiences is as delightful as confusing due to the profusion of choices…
Kerala beckons with its unspoilt beaches, languid backwaters, serene mountains, lush green landscape, Ayurveda and ancient temples.
At the same time Tamil Nadu calls out with its many forest reserves, the abundance of wildlife, a fascinating ancient culture embodied in temples and temple towns, the mystical allure of Pondicherry and the draw of its beaches and ancient history.
All the while, Karnataka demurely waits with its treasure trove of culture, UNESCO World Heritage sites, monasteries, temples, history and wildlife sanctuaries…


It is but natural that the visitor to this fabulous land is as gleeful as a child in a candy shop while being as confused as the same child with a fixed budget (of time and money) in the same candy shop.
Our effort here is to distil these myriad experiences and capsule some of the best for you… Do take a look..


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South Indian Experiences

february, 2020

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What our Travellers Say

Arindom MondalBeyonder Traveller - South India - Kerala

When we were looking for an offbeat trip during October and in India, I laid eyes on Beyonder Experiences. The best part is we could customise the trip to our interest and as were a group of 4, things were kept which met all our needs.


Our trip designer was such a pleasure to deal with and went into scrupulous detail making sure that every single aspect of our trip was exactly what we wanted – it felt like a truly tailor made experience. Our trip designer made sure that all of the hotels, resorts, day trips etc took special care with food prep in house boat, day trips etc.

We started with Athirapally Falls, stopping over for a night and then a plush resort next day on the banks of Vembanad Lake. Next day we ventured for our boat cruise with a night stay in a luxury house boat. The next morning we started for Perriyar Wildlife Sanctuary where we did something noteworthy. At night 10 we did a 4hr long jungle walk carrying just a torch light along with first rangers. Had this thrilling experience not suggested by Beyonder, we would have done a normal stay in the Reserve Forest.

Starting with our airport pickup from  airport by our wonderful private guide, we could not have asked for a smoother trip – everything went off without  a hitch. Every hotel that our trip designer recommended was beyond our expectations. We would 100% recommend Beyonder to anyone looking at a customised trip off from the regular and we are already thinking about when we should do the next Beyonder experience.


Willie & Susan MaraisBeyonder Traveller - South India - Kerala

For Susan and I this was probably the best visit to India we’ve had in about 15 trips. It is a journey we would love to repeat and we will definitely refer you and your company to our friends.


When we missed up our flight connection, we were extremely impressed and given a lot of comfort and security by your continuous and excellent back up to make sure that we had looked at alternatives and that we were okay. That was much appreciated.

The choice of combination of the houseboat and Munnar was a very good balance and an excellent tour.
The boathouse was the highlight, we could really have done another day on the boat! The stay in Munnar was lovely and the hotel provided outstanding views.

We really felt that Beyonder were on our side and with us on the journey.


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