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Why visit Russia?

Russia is the largest country by area and covers more than one eighth of the earth’s inhabited area. It spans 11 time zones and shares borders with 14 countries-shares maritime borders with Japan on one side and Alaska on the other. Can you imagine the size? We have started traveling around in Russia to curate experiences for you but given the size of the land, covering it is going to take some time. For a start take a look at the capsule we’ve created for you. Moscow and St. Petersburg are the two most important cities in Russia along with many small towns and cities of great interest for the curious traveler.

The quintessential Russian experience is one that has huge servings of culture, generous dollops of history, oodles of opulence in both natural beauty as well as man able marvels… All of it washed down with prodigious quantities of mouth-watering food and vodka… We’ll be coming with more as we cover more and more of this fascinating country.

Russia Experiences

february, 2020

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Best places to visit in Russia

Moscow (Москва) — Russia’s capital and one of the world’s greatest cities, it has a wide range of interesting activities for travelers – from churches and museums to circuses and folk shows….

Saint Petersburg (Санкт-Петербург) — Russia’s cultural and former political capital, it contains one of the world’s best museums couple with fabulous night-life and great food.

Irkutsk (Иркутск) — A fascinating Siberian city.


Kazan (Казань) — Located in the heart of the Volga Region, the Kremlin here is particularly impressive

Nizhny Novgorod (Нижний Новгород) —Famous for the Kremlin, Sakharov museum, and the Makaryev Monastery.

Sochi (Сочи) — The host of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Vladivostok (Владивосток) —”Russia’s San Francisco,” full of hilly streets and battleships.

Volgograd (Волгоград) — formerly known as Stalingrad, this is the scene of perhaps the deciding battle of World War II, and now home to a massive war memorial

Yekaterinburg (Екатеринбург) — One of Russia’s principal cultural poles.


Things to do in Russia

  • The Red Square and St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow
  • Lenin’s Mausoleum and the Kremlin in Moscow
  • The stunning interiors of the GUM department store in Moscow
  • The elegant historic Arbat Street in the centre of Moscow
  • Segwaying or skating in Gorky park in Moscow
  • An evening of entertainment in Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow
  • Shopping in the flea market of Izmailovsky
  • Viewing St Petersburg from the water in the city along the rivers and canals
  • Peep into the yards around the city to take a look at the city’s signature courtyards
  • Grab a bird’s eye view of St Petersburg from the top of St Isaac’s Cathedral

Things to note

The summer and late spring months of May to October are a good time to travel to Russia. Winters are best avoided unless you want a taste of the cold
We have created these experience capsules after travelling and experiencing this country ourselves. We can, of course, customize these to your requirement or interest areas – a holiday tailored exactly to your needs

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What our Russia Travellers Say

HarinarayananBeyonder Traveller - Russia

One of the most memorable trip of my Life. A trip that had a perfect blend of both worlds (Traditional and Modern). From Winter palace to Vodka Trail we experienced Russia in its purest form. Thanks Beyonder for this amazing experience

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