Why visit Portugal?

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Portugal is a country which is 900 years old and it has played a crucial role in world history. It is considered as the oldest country in Europe with the same borders. Portugal played a major chapter in world history with new discoveries. It founded a new sea route to India and colonized many different regions in Africa and South America thus creating an empire. Still today the Portuguese language is considered as the biggest connection between these countries.

Portugal was once a dominant sea-faring player in the historical trading and colonial efforts to Africa, South America and Asia… It is now a laidback, friendly low-key place with fabulous natural beauty… It has a vibe that’s difficult to explain – a curious mix of culture, history, languidness, warm people, a laidback attitude… And it has a way of charming the visitor into falling in love with it… We can vouch for it – we did…


Yes, we got stunned by Lisbon and its lively clubbing scene coupled with the ancient monuments and medieval alleyways… But we absolutely fell in love with the northern part of the country, starting with Oporto (or Porto)… Its simply magical – a smorgasbord of mountainous ruggedness with the languidness of rivers flowing through, stone-built villages, castles, steeply terraced vineyards, traditions, culture and history with a dash of some lovely people and great food…

We have tried to encapsulate our experience for you in a well-structured capsule… Take a look, come Beyonder with us, and prepare to fall in love with this lovely place…


Portugal Experiences

december, 2019

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Best places to visit in Portugal

Albufeira, one of the main tourist destinations in the Algarve.

Aveiro, the “Venice” of Portugal.

Braga, the city of Archbishops.

Coimbra, the home of the ninth oldest university in the world.

Évora, the “Museum City” in Portugal


Faro, the beautiful seaside and the administrative centre of the Algarve.

Fátima, famous as a pilgrimage destination.

Funchal, the capital of Madeira.

Lisbon, the capital and city of the seven hills.

Porto, the “Unvanquished City”, along the river Douro and the Atlantic Ocean.

Viana do Castelo, famous for the Nossa Senhora da Agonia Festival


Things to do in Portugal

  • Visit the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos
  • Get awed at the Oceanarium in Lisbon
  • Visit the National Palace at Sintra
  • The Matosinhos Beach in Porto
  • Climb up the Tower of Belem and the Torre de Clerigos
  • Visit the Ribeira district in Porto
  • Wining in Porto Calem

Things to note

The best time to visit Portugal is during the months of March to May or September to October
We have created these experience capsules after travelling and experiencing this country ourselves. We can, of course, customize these to your requirement or interest areas – a holiday tailored exactly to your needs

Come Beyonder to Portugal and experience history, culture and raw natural beauty

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What our Travellers Say

Shruthi HassanBeyonder Traveller - Italy

If you crave to experience the goodness a country has to offer – where you know nothing about its language, food or culture – I suggest you look no further than Beyonder! It’s just amazing how they use the technology to guide you through each step and leg of the tour! The design and execution of the tour worked like clockwork.


It might sound a bit exaggerated, but it really feels like holding an Aladdin lamp and there is a genie at your service just when you need help..!


Soumya Chandrashekar & Co.Beyonder Traveller - Belgium & The Netherlands

Dreams do come true if u work towards it! As a teenager had a penchant for traveling Europe as a backpacker. This dream did come true when we pegged into Netherlands and Belgium a fortnight back (the back packer is a distant dream as our luggage were seeming heavier than us 😉


Guess what happens when 4 cuckoo ladies land on the home turf of Heineken and endless Belgium beers ..lemme give the rest a passe. The beauty of the Medieval towns of bruges ## country side boat tour with wine and dine on board to north Amsterdam##breathtaking country side views of Netherlands## biking around## waffle birthplace ## yum fries …It has lots more to offer than just open culture to sex and drugs as people perceive.
Seeing the magical northern lights in full bloom in severe cold weather and warming ourselves by the bonfire drinking hot soup was fantastic.

Lastly we def lived up to the saying “shop till you drop”…though we would have never dropped ,the airline policy restricted us..LOL let me stop here and pictures do all the taking,,Enjoy

Once again proost to Beyonder Travel…indeed it was beyond an experience..proost



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