Why visit Philippines?


I still remember my first visit to this country, after all anything done for the first time gets stored in the memory. So here it goes. It was a conference right next to the cove with crystal clear water and great options for water sports.

Hold on, we were inside the conference hall, which of course had glass walls (that’s mean, I would definitely say), and I was stealing glances every now and then, looking at people outside with jealousy.  Not that Philippines was ever on my bucket list, but this short trailer intrigued me enough.

It clearly warranted a second visit and this time a focussed only on leisure. I spent a few days in Manila, Boracay and Cebu and I can say that this country is a dream destination for beach lovers, adventure seekers, and nature lovers and definitely for people who want to chill out peacefully.

It is very different from other south east Asian countries in one aspect. There is hardly any Buddhist temple in this country, majority of the population follows Roman Catholic church.


Things can get difficult for vegetarians at times, but the people here are warm and forever accommodating. Even the street food vendor comprehended my no meat, no fish message well and ensured I was fine.

The best time to visit Philippines is between November and April.

Come Beyonder, as we take you “the texting capital of the world” and create an oceanic and islandic experience for you along with a good dose of culture.


Philippines Experiences

december, 2019

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Places to visit in Philippines

Manila: Pearl of the Orient, Chaotic but exciting!  Manila is the capital city and the cultural city of the Philippines and has been shaped by the unique influences of the Spanish, Chinese and Americans who have inhabited the city alongside the native Filipinos.

Boracay: It is known for its beautiful white beaches surrounded by Palm trees and restaurants. The is only 7km in length and at its narrowest just 500m wide but it is a great hideaway both for adventure seekers, beach bums or people seeking relaxation.  Sunset is great here and lives music breaks out after the sunset adding more vibrancy and charm to the island.


Cebu & Mactan: Cebu and Mactan are two of the most important historical islands in the Philippines.  This island with mountains and rainforest, is home to an incredible number of spectacular waterfalls.

A quick point on festivals of the Philippines! Cebu‘s Sinulog Festival is annually celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January. In central Manila, thousands of devotees gather in Quiapo to join the procession and aim to kiss or touch the life-sized statue of the Black Nazarene.


Top 14 things to explore in the Philippines

  • Explore the Old walled city of Intramuros
  • Visit San Augustin Church, a Church has survived seven earthquakes and two fires over the centuries and now remains as the oldest stone church in the Philippines
  • Shoot the rapids at Pagsanjan Falls or board a bamboo raft and make your way into the Devil’s Cave, waiting just beneath the falls.
  • Trek up the Taal Volcano, the smallest active volcano in the world. Swim at the peak in the sulfur-diluted lake within the volcano
  • Street food in Cebu is a gastronomic delight. From steamed rice and siomaito the Cebuano staple ginabot, there is something to suit every taste
  • Visit the Temple of Leah, which locals refer to as Cebu’s Taj Mahal
  • Explore the almost symmetrical Chocolate Hills at Bohol , near Cebu. The small hills are covered in grass and as the dry season advances the grass turns from green to brown and starts to look like chocolate.
  • Meet the gentle whale sharks in Cebu
  • Snorkelling & Scuba diving at Boracay and Cebu
  • Dining On Bamboo Tables with Native Plates And Utensils
  • Participate in the Taoist rituals
  • Jeepney ride is a must and visit a Jeepney factory at Manila
  • Go souvenir shopping at the Night market
  • Take a selfie with this little animal called Tarsier at Bohol

Things to note

The Philippines are most popular during the dry season, between November and April. At this time the country is fully accessible, including its many beautiful islands and more remote areas. Temperatures are high during March and April, so it’s best to travel during the cooler months of December to February.
We have created different options for the Philippines keeping in mind the ease of travelling and a bouquet of experiences. We at Beyonder customise these experiences basis the interest of travellers. Come Beyonder and savour a slice of Laos with us.

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What our Philippines Travellers Say

Tarica & AppachooBeyonder Traveller - Philippines

My wife and I came across “A slice of Philippines” on the Beyonder website. The Beyonders guided us on the experiences and we were convinced to give it a try. It proved to be a wonderful vacation for us. A mix of city life (Manila), adventure (rafting in Pagsanjan), scenic beaches (Boracay), nightlife (sunset cruise, yacht party & pub crawl), Philippine culture (Living Museum), mouth-watering food and drinks.


Thank you Beyonder for recommending us for this trip. We will always have special memories of Philippines. Salamat!


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