Why visit Morocco?

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Mountain ranges that stretch across the land… White golden beaches bordering both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea… The mysterious Sahara Desert… Lush oases, rivers, vineyards, cities both ancient and modern, movie shooting locales… All of this in one country! One small country that makes up for its size with its buffet for the senses of the curious traveler…

While Casablanca, the country’s largest city, beckons with its recent film history, (it is also the home of the Hassan II Mosque which boasts the world’s tallest minaret), the historical capital cities of Fes, Marrakech and Rabat beckon with pure history and the call of the times gone by… And the culture! Heavily influenced by the Berber, Arabian and European past, it is an endless treat for the senses – the exotic snake charmers and magicians, the souks with a multitude of wares, the endless glasses of mint tea… Add to that the history of its ancient Roman and Islamic sites, the stunning natural landscapes of the Atlas and Rif mountains, and, not to forget, the sea…

Morocco Experiences

february, 2020

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Best places to visit in Morocco?

Casablanca, is a Moroccan city on the Atlantic Ocean, with a long history dating back to the 7th century BC when it was founded and settled by Berbers. After that, it was a long series of rulers – from being a haven for pirates to the ruling by the Portuguese, Spanish and French. The very distinct French colonial legacy has ensured that the architecture is a fascinating blend of Moorish and European art deco styles.


The enormous Hassan II Mosque is a prime attraction as is the connection with the film based on the city. The city is still called Casa by many locals. In some parts of Morocco, it is also called Ad-dar Al-Bida.

Rabat, Morocco’s capital, is fronted by both the Bou Regreg River and the Atlantic Ocean and was once a haven for pirates. Due to its strategically important location, it was a converted into a full-scale fortress to launch attacks against Iberia in the 12th Hence the place came to be called Ribatu l-Fath, or “stronghold of victory”. That’s why the place is now called Rabat. It was initially ruled by Barbary pirates and then the French. Again this city is about the Islamic and French heritage like the famous Kasbah of the Udayas, which is a Berber-era royal fort on the ocean-front.

Fes is considered the cultural capital of Morocco with the old-world charm of the medina quarters of Fes el Bali and Fes Jdid. The medina here is a World Heritage Site and has the oldest continuously functioning University in the world – the University of Al Quaraouiyine that was founded in 859 AD. This is often called the “Mecca of the West” and the “Athens of Africa”.

Marrakesh is the economic capital of the country. The Medina here is a medieval city that goes as far back as the Berber empire with a running souk (marketplace) selling knick-knacks, textiles, jewelry, etc. It is the largest souk in the country. Marrakesh is a large center of the wildlife trade, despite the illegality.

Tangier is a major city on the Maghreb coast where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a city that has been formed by many cultures from the 5th century AD.


Must have experiences in Morocco

  • The old-world charm of the narrow lanes and ample “environment” of the Medinas
  • Traditional Moroccan cuisine and the unique European influenced cuisine
  • Desert safari in the Atlas Mountains region
  • The Casablanca Café experience in case the movie interests you
  • Islamic architecture experience
  • Just soaking in the unique vibe in the towns that once were pirate havens
  • The cosmopolitan experience of the night clubs in Casablanca
  • Bargain shopping in the famous traditional souks for textiles, mementoes, etc

Things to note

Spring and autumn, from mid-March to May and September-October, is the ideal time to visit Morocco and the inland regions.
We have created these experience capsules after travelling and experiencing this country ourselves. We can, of course, customize these to your requirement or interest areas – a holiday tailored exactly to your needs.

Come Beyonder to Morocco and experience its unique culture, history and architecture in an oft-ignored but much spoken-of region.

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This was probably one of the best tours we had done together as a family. Africa’s wilderness makes you realize why animals should be free rather than in a zoo. The energy and vitality shown by the free animals is seldom seen by zoo animals, and hence makes this an unforgettable experience. This is the Lion King and National Geographic documentaries all rolled in one. The only thing missing is David Attenborough explaining about the animal albeit the tour guide arranged by you did quite a good job with his Attenborough style explanations on the numerous animals that we saw.

Africa’s wilderness should be a must visit place in everyone’s tourism bucket list, and Beyonder is doing a damn good job in making it happen.


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