Why visit Mexico?

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All that I knew about Mexico was courtesy the cowboy novels that I grew up on, Jack Kerouac and the soccer team… Honestly, Mexico was always an exotic land with haunting music, a brutal (at times) history, an easy-going way of life and lovely people who went around in large sombreros and ponchos eating fiery food and swigging even more fiery drinks…

We landed there to discover a land rich in history and culture… A land with lovely beaches, fabulous night life and ancient, really ancient monuments and structures…

As a well-known Mexican saying goes, “Como Mexico no hay dos” (“Like Mexico there is no other”). Travelling through Mexico is an adventure for the senses. It´s an accumulation of unique experiences; Mexico is adventure; It´s tradition, with authentic rituals and celebrations; It´s excellent dining, but also eating tacos at a local market; It´s fiesta, music, and dance; Mexico is meeting proud and hospitable people, with endless stories and myths. It´s one of the most colourful and most diverse countries in the world, and whatever you expect, travelling through Mexico is being surprised on a daily basis. Get ready!


We have created a couple of experiences for you – one that covers the modern and the relatively modern trail while the other covers the modern and the really ancient doused in the spirit of the land – chocolate… Both experiences include generous doses of beach hedonism…

Come Beyonder with us and discover why they say “Como Mexico no hay dos”


Mexico Experiences

december, 2019

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Best places to visit in Mexico

Mexico City – The capital of the Republic of Mexico has a 700-year history has everything from parks, Aztec ruins, colonial architecture, museums etc.

Acapulco – An urban beach setting known for its top-notch nightlife.

Cancun – The clear Caribbean waters play foil to a lively party atmosphere and entertainment options.


Guadalajara – The home of mariachi music and tequila.

Mazatlan – The home of the oldest Carnival in Mexico and one of the largest in the world

Monterrey – The commercial and industrial hub of Northern Mexico.

Tijuana – Mexico’s busiest border crossing for pedestrians and private vehicles

Puebla – The traditional Mexican food here is what makes it special – the iconic mole poblano

Ciudad Juarez – Famous for its castles and historical, architectural treasures such as Villanueva de los Infantes and Almagro.


Things to do in Mexico

  • Watch the Lucha Libre, the Mexican version of WWE
  • Visit one of the festivals or carnivals depending on your time of visit – eg, the Day of the Dead Festival on November 1st
  • Gorge at the street food stalls – Nachos, Tacos, Tostas, the choicest fillings and sauces…
  • Soak in the Tequila like there is no tomorrow – it’s the finest around
  • Scuba diving in Cancun – they even have lessons for beginners
  • Explore the ruins everywhere, some dating back to 500 BC
  • Learn about the artist Frida Kahlo in Mexico City

Things to note

The best time to visit Mexico is during the dry non-rainy months of December to April
We have created these experience capsules after travelling and experiencing this country ourselves. We can, of course, customize these to your requirement or interest areas – a holiday tailored exactly to your needs

Come Beyonder to Mexico and experience history, culture, nature and wild entertainment.

Contact us to create a customized Mexico itinerary for your self

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Right from the time we were received at the airport in Nairobi by your representative, starting with a smooth transfer to the hotel which was very comfortable. We would definitely want to use your services next time we visit Kenya and recommend the same to my friends.



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The trip overall was a quite nice and enriching experience. Cambodia as a country with its different culture as well as the epic nature of the monuments that we witnessed left us awestruck. The guide was quite helpful and was knowledgeable too. The hotel facility was decent and was in a nice locality


that had good access to Pub Street, Airport, as well as restaurants for lunch/dinner…We would surely visit other places too through Beyonder as you did hand hold us throughout the entire process of the trip unlike other travel agents that forget the client once the money is paid.


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