Why visit Jordan?

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Have you ever imagined yourself living as a Martian? Or moreover, making a grand entrance into a breath-taking city of ruins? If you’ve ever wondered you can witness the milky way on a desert rather than in snowy lands, then your next trip should be to Jordan. Jordan (الْأُرْدُنّ‎) is an Arab country on the East of the ‘Jordan river’ of Western Asia. Unlike other travel destinations, Jordan is very underrated. A trip to Jordan will ensure a different unforgettable experience that involves not only breath-taking landscapes but also learning a lot about history, archaeology, gastronomy, how peacefully religions co-exist as well as their rich traditional culture. Here are a few reasons to visit Jordan

Weather you like it or not: A plus point of this place is the Pleasant dry weather that’ll enable you to explore the country without hesitation. Springtime kicks in earlier on in February and you can travel in and around the country until November. For diving in Aqaba, the best time is September, October and early November, when the water is relatively warm

Lovely locals in beautiful locales. Jordan is a beautiful country with great locales. And it’s culture is best experienced through the extremely hospitable people of Jordan.. They will go an extra mile to ensure that visitors have a good time in their country. It is a must to meet the Bedouin tribes when in Jordan.

A trip apt for all budgets:  One can experience a luxurious stay at the hotels with great views or can opt for economic & comfortable stay while travelling to Jordan. It is pocket-friendly and comparatively diverse in terms of spending.


Foodies Delight: Have you ever craved for a shawarma? Well, here you get to try it with a million variations and fillings. Apart from the well-known hummus and falafels, the Jordan cuisine has other interesting rice & meat based delicacies like Mansaf, Maqloube  etc

Their coffee culture is very intriguing and sensitive as it symbolizes respect.Declining a cup of coffee could mean disrespect to the household.

Historical intervention: This is a land where Moses was buried and Jesus was baptised

You’ll also get to witness the wondrous architectural landmarks like the Roman ruins, interesting museums, the crusader castles, Hippodromes (chariot race amphitheatre), etc.

The Islamic, Christian, Roman as well as Byzantine historical landmarks and structures still stand strong even after all these years due to the clever architecture and physics behind it.

Witness one of the New 7 Wonders of the world– ‘Petra’ the lost city or the Rose city is an experience in itself.  It is said to be preserved since 312 BC and is also defined as one of the precious properties of cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Take a dip in the Red sea and float in the Dead sea: How could I talk about Jordan and not mention the Dead sea, right? It is the lowest point on Earth (420 mts. below sea level). Red sea is great for adventure sports

Still not convinced?Jordan issues tourist visas upon arrival to over 30 countries in the world, saving you the trouble of applying for a Visa prior to the traveling.

Safety question on your mind? Even though it is located close to the geopolitical red zone, Jordan is unaffected by the troubles of the region. Everyone who has travelled to Jordan can vouch for it and it is absolutely safe to travel in and around the country independently, with family or in a group.

The biggest threat you’d experience is dehydration from not drinking enough water is the heat. There is no dress code, and Jordan is fairly liberal in these matters.

Does that now answer the question “Why should you visit Jordan?”

You might’ve wondered what I meant by starting off this article with reference to the “Martian”. Did you know Jordan consists of locations where various Hollywood and Bollywood movies like Martian, Mummy returns, Transformers, Krissh3 etc. were shot? Walking along the sandstone cave paths and camels will definitely make you feel like a part of it!

Need to be convinced more! Let’s go through the Places to see in Jordan


Jordan Experiences

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Best places to visit in Jordan?

Amman: This young city is the country’s economic, political and cultural center and has a very vibrant nightlife. It features Roman ruins, museum and mosques, markets and coffeehouses. One can sense both the trendy and conservative pulse of the country here.

Mount Nebo:  It overlooks the Jordan Valley and Dead sea (historical references from the Hebrew Bible states that Moses was granted a view of the Holy Land from that point).


Wadi rum –Valley of the moon: Star gaze amidst the desert lands   The view especially from on top of the wonderful stone structures in and around Jordan are said to be a one of a kind experience.

Madaba: It is an ancient town south-west of Amman. Have you ever seen mosaics and adored the amount of detail that goes into it? Well, The famous Greek Orthodox Church of St. George is known for its 6th-century mosaic map of the Holy Land.

Petra: The most popular attraction of Jordan, it can be accessed via a narrow canyon called Al Siq, It its nickname, the “Rose City,” from its pink sandstone cliffs

Dead Sea: Located in the Jordan Rift Valley, bordered by Israel to the East and Jordan to the West, it is sea where one can float away from his/her stress and indulge in some mud spa therapy.


What are the Top 12 things to do in Jordan?

  • Experience Petra by night
  • Live like a local at a Bedouin camp at Wadi rum
  • Go Ballooning at Wadi rum or go on a desert safari
  • Float in dead sea & treat yourself at the natural spa with a mineral rich mud pack
  • Go sand skiing
  • Visit Mt. Nebo
  • Meet the Bagpipers of Jordan
  • Visit Golan heights overlooking the Sea of –Galilee
  • Try the Jordanian delicacies
  • Explore Jerash archaeological museum and ruins
  • Indulge in some retail therapy in Amman
  • Adventure sports at the Red sea

Things to note

For cooler temperatures in the high teens, the best time to visit Jordan is March-May. Amman reaches a comfortable 32°C between June and September, while nights can drop below freezing from December to February.
We have created different options for Jordan keeping in mind the ease of travelling and a bouquet of experiences. We at Beyonder customise these experiences basis the interest of travellers. Come Beyonder and savour a slice of Jordan with us.

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What our Jordan Travellers Say

Eras LodhiBeyonder Traveller - Jordan

My Jordan trip was, for want of another word, superlative. . Beyonder team thought everything out for me, right from suggestions on what I need to see, what I can miss, to what to eat etc. I was prepped up with a good dose of information on Jordan.


Their detailing and meticulousness in planning a trip is just amazing. But what just takes, not only the cake, but the whole patisserie is their passion for the places and its people which makes the place come alive for you.

The local Jordanian partner was very good and we were extended the warmest hospitality that I have ever come across.

Finally, please go to Jordan. I cannot emphasise enough how utterly heart-warming and breathtakingly beautiful this place is. I will probably need five pages to talk about why everyone must go to Jordan. So, please just do.


Tapas & AnubhaBeyonder Traveller - Jordan

Thanks a million for customising our Holiday to Jordan . We couldn’t have asked for such a well researched itinerary and route plan . Thoroughly rejuvenated after a guided tour of Jordan. Morocco was equally fabulous last year. Keep us inspired by going beyonder

Jordan experiences in words

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Why go to Jordan? A place unlike any other.


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