Why visit Iceland?

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The land of Ice situated way up North, close to the Arctic Circle, is probably not all ice. The locals here say that the names of Iceland and Greenland should have been reversed given the topography of the land!

Head out to Iceland for nature in its many and varied avatars – volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, lava fields, hot springs, mineral-rich waters, the Icelandic horse… in short nature in all its magnificence… And fascinating history and culture as a topping…

It is not called the land of Fire and Ice for nothing – it’s a land where contrasts co-exist harmoniously… Volcanoes and glaciers, mountains and waterfalls, lava beaches and the sea, sublime nature and a bloody history, snowy whiteness of land that seem to stretch on and on colored in various hues at night by the Aurora Borealis dancing away in the sky. This is a land of legends with a story created by ancient man in order to make sense of what must have seemed like nature at its freakish best…


Above all else, the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis is almost a standard fixture in the Northern skies during winter…

Come with us to Iceland to experience nature as you may never have thought of it – harsh, unforgiving yet sublimely beautiful. Come with us to witness the splendor of the Northern Lights in winter or maybe the Midnight Sun in summer… Come Beyonder…


Iceland Experiences

december, 2019

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Best places to visit in Iceland

Reykjavik, the capital, a bustling city with a keen night-life, museums, culture, shopping and an array of restaurants to choose from – vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan, Indian… And some good shopping of course of the local specialties.


Akureyri, the second largest town in Iceland, situated way up north affords a peek into what Reykjavik must have been a few decades ago before the advent of tourism in such a big way. Quiet, old-fashioned, a town to relax in and soothe the senses… and maybe drive out of town to be amidst nature.

Waterfalls like Godafoss, Dettifoss, Skogafoss, and Seljalandsfoss that seem to cut the scenery in falling out

Volcanoes like Grabrok and fjords like Eyjafjordur

The glacier of Vatnajokull and the glacial lagoon of Jokulsarlon

Lava formations of Kalfastrond and Dimmu Borgir that lend an almost eerie touch to the landscape

Lake Myvatn, the nature baths and the Hot springs of Namaskaro that seem to breathe life into the very land

Vatnajokull National Park

The Geysir that shoots up in small eruptions every few minutes with great force.

Þingvellir National Park, a walk around which immediately gives one a glimpse of the history of the land. The rock on which the Althing (their Parliament, the oldest in the World) used to sit in Council still exists here. As also the Continental Rift that is slowly, inexorably tearing the country apart.

For Game of Thrones fans, this is a treasure trove – visit the places where the shooting happened for scenes in the series with the Wall, the White Walkers’ camps, the famous cave where Jon Snow loses his virginity, the battle at the Bloody Gates, etc.


Must-have experiences in Iceland

  • Glacier-trekking and ice-caving is a must-do, weather-permitting
  • Soaking in the nature baths of Lake Myvatn or Blue Lagoon
  • Sighting the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun
  • Puffin/ whale watching depending on season
  • Standing on or swimming in the Continental Rift
  • Watching one of the frequent Geyser eruptions
  • Petting and maybe riding one of the Icelandic horses
  • The seafood, lobster and the many local dishes
  • Tasting the hot-dog at the oldest hot-dog stand in Iceland
  • The local Vodka and the brilliant night-life of Reykjavik
  • A visit to the shooting spots of the Game of Thrones series in case you are a Game of Thrones fan

Things to note

The summers are for the Midnight Sun experience when the Sun literally never sets over this magical land and the winters are for the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis lighting up the sky
We have created these experience capsules after travelling and experiencing this country ourselves. We can, of course, customize these to your requirement or interest areas – a holiday tailored exactly to your needs

Come Beyonder to Iceland and experience nature in all its raw, spectacular beauty as you have probably never before

Contact us to create a customized Iceland itinerary for your self

What our Iceland Travellers Say

SangeethaBeyonder Traveller - Iceland

I did my first solo trip with Beyonder to Iceland in Feb 2018! Drawn by the desire to see the Northern Lights, I had been wanting to do this for a long long time but I couldn’t find a travel companion and was a bit skeptical on travelling solo to Iceland.


However, it turned out to be one of the most unforgettable experiences! Not only because Iceland is such a beautiful country but also as the trip was very well organized, comfortable travel and lovely stay options, some really unique experiences like riding an Icelandic horse, visiting a tomato farm, standing in the continental rift, or peeking into the cave where Jon Snow loses his virginity (GoT fans will know what I am talking about) to trying a horse meat steak -it was just superb! For a woman solo traveller, the safety and the seamless experience has given me the confidence to try this again…thanks to the wonderful team of Beyonder!


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