Why visit Finland?

Finland Map-outline

Haven’t been to Finland yet?  Or are you one of those who haven’t considered this as a vacation option? Or maybe you are  just happy with the Angry birds and Clash of Clans (both Finnish) . Or may be you are thinking why should one go to Finland at all ?

Sure it is a country with 1000s of lakes and forest. A country with a very vibrant food culture, a country which charms everyone throughout the year…  You can watch the never setting sun during summer and the heavenly Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis ) from Autumn to Winter. If you are in Lapland during summer, don’t miss the one and only “The Midnight Film Festival” in Sodankyla, Lapland.

Still not convinced? How about getting lost in the wilderness, daydreaming under a tree, hiking through the sights, smelling nature, simply sitting for hours and fishing or spending the summer weekend in the lake house,

Or meeting the Santa Calus and Elves in person?  If you can’t meet him in person, you can drop a postcard in Santa’s office as well. Next to his village you can dance with the heavenly Northern Lights or experience the peace of the countryside.


You haven’t sampled the life of a Finn unless you’ve done so at a sauna. There are 5.4 million people in Finland, and three million saunas. After a day filled with experiences, warm it up again with a sauna experience and get relaxed.

There is something special about Finnish coffee also. Coffee is not only an everyday drink in the country, but is also a celebratory drink for special occasions, feasts, and post-church luncheons. You can go cafe hopping in Finland, savour the beverage and get into story swapping with your fellow travellers or locals.

Some of the dishes you should try in Finland are  Reindeer stew , mushroom soup, rice pies, salmon fish, cloudberry cake, rye bread, and variety of desserts

If you are still not sure, please note that Finalnd  is rated as one of the happiest and safest countries in the world.

Do you think you should still be reading about it?


Finland Experiences

december, 2019

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Best places to visit in Finland

Helsinki:  The capital of Finland, is a vibrant seaside city of beautiful islands and great green parks and of course building with stunning architectural designs. This city can be easily explored on foot or one can try taking a tram ride within the city.


Poorvo: Just an hour away from Helsinki, is a small town with its prominent shore houses painted in red. Aside from the appealing houses, Old Porvoo is also a headquarter of stunning cafes, shops, museums, and restaurants.

Lapland: Located at the northernmost side of the country, Lapland is a very scenic destination. The snow laden trees, winding roads, vast forest, and colorful wooden houses, appear like a magic land Lapland is the best place to see the Northern lights in Finland. Locals say that it appears on more than 200 nights a year in Finnish Lapland. Rovaniemi is also called the Gateway to the Arctic.

Turku : This southwestern Finnish town is, the country’s oldest town and until 1812 was the capital of Finland. It is a great place for art lovers.

Savonlinna: it is famous for its annual opera festival held in the medieval Olavinlinna castle.

By the way, Tallinn(Capital of Estonia)  is just a cruise away from Helsinki and can be covered as a day trip also.


Top Things to do in Finland

  • Meet the Sami people in Lapland . Their unique cultural practices, lifestyle and humble nature make them one of the most loved communities in the world.
  • Witness the celestial Northern lights either on a chase or from the glass ceiling of Igloo house & Aurora cabins
  • Get cozy in a Sauna or beat the chill while snow shoeing
  • Get on a Husky Safari and a Reindeer Safari
  • Meet the Santa Claus at Rovaniemi
  • Explore the Soumelina Fortress
  • Go Skiing
  • Explore the upcountry charm of Poorvo
  • Enjoy Ice fishing

Things to note

It depends on what you’d like to experience: for plenty of snow and winter activities, December to March is the best time. For springtime sun and the revival of nature after the winter, April to May is the period. For long and warm summer days and plenty of events, opt for June, July and August.
We have created a  few  itineraries for combining the modern charms and museums of Helsinki, with the desolate, stark beauty of Lapland. We believe in curating experiences basis the preferences of the traveller . Come Beyonder, and customise your Finland plan

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What our Travellers Say

SangeethaBeyonder Traveller - Iceland

I did my first solo trip with Beyonder to Iceland in Feb 2018! Drawn by the desire to see the Northern Lights, I had been wanting to do this for a long long time but I couldn’t find a travel companion and was a bit skeptical on travelling solo to Iceland.


However, it turned out to be one of the most unforgettable experiences! Not only because Iceland is such a beautiful country but also as the trip was very well organized, comfortable travel and lovely stay options, some really unique experiences like riding an Icelandic horse, visiting a tomato farm, standing in the continental rift, or peeking into the cave where Jon Snow loses his virginity (GoT fans will know what I am talking about) to trying a horse meat steak -it was just superb! For a woman solo traveller, the safety and the seamless experience has given me the confidence to try this again…thanks to the wonderful team of Beyonder!


Mandar SalunkheBeyonder Traveller - Cambodia

The trip overall was a quite nice and enriching experience. Cambodia as a country with its different culture as well as the epic nature of the monuments that we witnessed left us awestruck. The guide was quite helpful and was knowledgeable too. The hotel facility was decent and was in a nice locality that had good access to Pub Street, Airport, as well as restaurants for lunch/dinner…


We would surely visit other places too through Beyonder as you did hand hold us throughout the entire process of the trip unlike other travel agents that forget the client once the money is paid.


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