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Why visit Belgium & Netherlands?

Belgium? Who travels to a strange little country caught in-between neighbours that are far more interesting? Who would want to go to Belgium when France, Germany, the UK are right there? Sure they have waffles, chocolates and beer but really, what else is there? Why should you travel to Belgium & Netherlands ?

My experience in these countries have been like travelling in time with the castles, cycling around the heritage cities, knowing the revolutionary artistes like Rembrandt, Reuben and Dali and my favourite reporter Tintin.

Netherlands of course is more popular, mostly because of Amsterdam and its party culture. But there is more to Netherlands than just the night life and cafes. The canals, the windmills, the baking culture, the clog makers and pottery, each of them are unique and reflects the culture and heritage of Netherlands.

Belgium & Netherlands Experiences

december, 2019

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Best places to visit in the Netherlands & Belgium?

From Canals to a happening night life with cafes and pubs to Windmill village and the old world charm of Hague, Netherlands is a great experience for people across all age groups and with different interest areas. Belgium has its own share of surprises. If you are a Tintin fan, then the Tintin museum is a must visit.


. If  you are a beer connoisseur, there are 2000 plus varieties of beer waiting for you in Belgium. The medieval set up and old world charm of Bruges and Ghent is a totally different experience.   These are some of the places that should be a part of the plan.

Brussels: It is the capital of European Union and is good for a short break of 2 days.  Great place for Beer lovers and Tintin fans.

Bruges: It is a little more than an hour from Brussels  and the landscape changes completely from a town to fairy tale village.  You will be welcomed by canals, cobbled streets and medieval buildings. Listening to the Ghost stories from the locals is a must here.

Unlike Collin Farell, (in the movie “In Bruge”) who thought it would appeal to a certain kind of people, I have to say is that neither was I born in a farm and nor am I retarded but I am mighty impressed with Bruges.

Ghent: Half an hour drive from Brussels or Bruges is Ghent , a city which was at its prime from 11th to 16th centuries.  Today it is home to famous castles, medieval structures with amazing architecture, lovely canals, fruity beers and frittes.

Atwerp: Also known as the diamond city, it is home to baroque painter Pieter Paul Rubens. Despite severe World War II bombing, Antwerp retains a medieval heart with plenty of café-filled cobbled lanes, a riverside fortress and a stunning cathedral. 

Amsterdam :  Go two wheeling, that’s how you live like a local in Amsterdam. This city ticks all boxes with its canals, windmills, parks and gardens, museums, cafes, pubs and nightlife. The neighbouring villages of Geithoorn and Zaanse should never be missed. For the Art and history lovers, there is a museum at almost every kilometre.  For the beach bums, head to Zaandorvat beach and just chill with some Heineken .

Hague: A festival city known for it concerts and music fests, has something for every one.


What are the Top things not to be missed in Belgium & Netherlands?

  • For the art lovers, Rijks  Museum & Vangogh museum and Rembrandt museum in Amsterdam and Dalis museum in Bruge
  • Zaanse Schans windmills village, Elam & Volendam for the nature and heritage lovers
  • Heinekin Brewery museum (Amsterdam) for the Beer lovers & Tintin museum Brussels for the Tintin fans
  • Red light district tour in Amsterdam
  • Keukenhoff gardens ( don’t miss the Tulip season)
  • Medieval towns of Bruges & Ghent in Belgium
  • Finally Cheese, chocolate, beer, Fritas ( French fries)
  • Take a Selfie with the Bruges Whale
  • Explore the Grand Palace at Brussels
  • Take a Selfie with Manekin Pis
  • Go cycling by the canal
  • Relax with beer at Zaandoorvat beach in Amsterdam or Scheveningen in Hague
  • Visit a Casino in Rotterdam

Things to note

The best time to visit Belgium & Netherlands is between April to October.
We have created these itineraries after travelling to these countries ourselves and these can customised basis your interest. Your holiday would be tailored just for you
Come Beyonder and experience all of these with more than 2000 varieties of beer and chocolate.

Contact us to create a customized Belgium & Netherlands itinerary for your self

Our Belgium & The Netherlands Travellers Say

Dinesh KumarBeyonder Traveller - Belgium & Netherlands

The travel plan was crafted just for me – I loved the biking experience at Damme in Belgium, photography of the windmills and old world charm at Zhaans in Netherlands and the hundreds of varieties of beer in Brussels. I had the safety of tour plan and tickets and hotels and all other bookings done by Beyonder, but I had opted to not have a guide with me.

Kittu ArumugamBeyonder Traveller - Belgium & Netherlands

Can’t forget the walking tour in Bruges by the Canals with all the amazing stories and legends narrated by our local guide, especially the night walking tour… and, of course, the refreshing beer at a 500 year old pub! With Beyonder the trip was indeed not the usual… Thanks guys…

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