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Why visit Armenia?

Settled under the benevolent gaze of Mt. Ararat, Armenia today combines the rich history of monasteries in spectacular locations, the gift of nature through dramatic landscapes in the Lesser Caucasus and Lake Sevan, and the exuberant charm of a modern Yerevan.

The peace of Khor Virap against the backdrop of Mt. Ararat, the beauty of the snow capped mountains in the background of Lake Sevan, the spectacular views from Tatev, Noravank and Haghpat monasteries, the spirit of Yerevan and yes, the nice, hospitable brandy and ogni (Fruit vodka) loving people of Armenia – all of these make up for an unforgettable trip!

Armenian Experiences

february, 2020

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Best places to visit in the Armenia

Yeravan – The capital of Armenia, a charming city full of theatres, museums, libraries and cultural institutions.

Echmiadzin – Built to commemorate the birth of Christianity by Georgia’s patron saint – Gregory the Illuminator, Echmiadzin is the mother church of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Considered by many to be the oldest cathedral in the world.

Lake Sevan: the Jewel of Armenia is one of the highest freshwater alpine lakes and home to Haryavank monastery and close to the Noratus Cemetery – with an army of beautiful Khachkars.


Khor Virap: settled on the plains in the shadows of Mt. Ararat, one of the most scenic places in Armenia as well as a pilgrimage site – being the place where St. Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned. (Visit the dungeon here!)

Tatev: Visit the beautifully located Tatev Monastery high up in the mountains on the Wings of Tatev – the world’s longest non-stop double track cable car line.

Haghpat and Sanahin: the UNESCO world Heritage sites. Also visit the scenic Odzun monastery nearby as well – figure out the Indian connection here!

Garni Temple: a beautiful sight and the only standing Greco-Roman in the region. Go down the gorge to see the impressive ‘Symphony of Stones’ – an amazing geological formation of well-preserved basalt columns!

Selim Pass: Drive through the beautiful Selim pass on the ancient Silk Route, stopping for a break at the well-preserved Orbelian’s Caravanserai.


Top places to visit in Armenia

  • Lazing away a few days in the welcoming cafes, wine bars and restaurants of the charming and exuberant capital city Yerevan. Make time for a visit to the Cascade complex.
  • Travel along the ancient Silk Route on Selim Pass and take a break just like in the ancient times at Orbelian’s Caravenserai
  • Soar up to the fortified monastery at Tatev on the world’s longest non-stop double track cable car.
  • Visit Odzun church on the mountain plateau of Lori Province. Figure out the ‘Indian connection’.
  • Stay on a ‘beachside’ accommodation at Great Sea of Armenia – Lake Sevan.
  • Spend time watching the different hues of the Holy mountain of Ararat from Khor Virap
  • Listen to the wind whistling and wonder at the purpose of building the ancient Zorat Karer (Carahunge) – the Armenian Stonehenge.
  • Marvel at Nature’s architecture at the Symphony of Stones in the Garni Gorge.
  • Learn more about the brutal and tragic history of this resilient country at the Armenian Genocide museum in Yerevan

Things to note

The best time to head to this fascinating region would be Spring time – when the wildflowers would put on a welcome show. The shoulder seasons of September and May/June would be a good option to miss the crowds. Autumn is cool and nice – but face the risk of unpredictable weather. Avoid the peak of summer and winter – unless you want to visit the fabulous ski destinations in winter.
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Kittu ArumugamBeyonder Traveller - Belgium & Netherlands

Can’t forget the walking tour in Bruges by the Canals with all the amazing stories and legends narrated by our local guide, especially the night walking tour… and, of course, the refreshing beer at a 500 year old pub! With Beyonder the trip was indeed not the usual… Thanks guys…

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