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Traveling is a personal choice… And the type of travel is more so. All completely dependent on your personality and the place being explored.

Have you ever realized that the same place can impact different people differently? It would be the same place but someone could love it while another could dislike it and someone else could be completely unaffected by it. Exactly like a movie or a book… fascinating isn’t it?

We believe this is because people view the place and not just see. This view is a function of their personal likes, dislikes, idiosyncrasies, perceptions, tastes, etc., which color whatever they see. The combination of all of these filters is what we call the “Travelers’ Eyes”. This is unique to each person and it is a huge experience to see a place through someone else’s eyes… Quite an eye-opener in our view.  Continue Reading..

Group Experiences

december, 2019

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We believe that travel is about going beyond the destination. It’s about discovering memorable experiences and finding the right set of people to share them with.

For instance, one of our travelers visiting Berlin, saw it like this.

Another of our clients had impressions which were like this…

Yet another Beyonder traveler, Ms. Fariha Farooqui, had impressions like these…

The same place, Berlin, different travelers, different traveler eyes… All of them lovely memories, beautiful experiences and truly facets of Berlin… They are all different perspectives that somehow seem to make sense? Just imagine in a group, if you were able to see the city not only with your own eyes, but also from others’ Traveler Eyes… A very different, more holistic understanding, don’t you think? That’s what group travel brings to the table…

Only when the travel is in an experiential setting, mind you, not in the regular groups where the norm seems to be packing people in a bus with a fixed schedule of touristy must-dos. We, at Beyonder, believe differently, we experience differently, we believe people are different, we celebrate that difference in perspective, we do group travel differently…

Of course, traveling with friends or family ensures you see the person itself differently basis the travel, and if the person happens to be a stranger from a different place, even better… That’s when travel becomes quite a learning experience.

So, if you want to get to know your friends/ family even better and bond even more, travel with them to a strange land and explore together. And if you want to make the exploration even more of a learning experience, travel with strangers who don’t share your own background to view a place through their Traveler Eyes… Either which way, come along with us in one of our group tours, with your own people or just join a bunch of merry Beyonders… These aren’t group tour packages as you probably know them – these are learning experiences at their best – and we probably have group tours to suit your requirement, whether it be groups of singles, young adults, Senior citizens or even family group tours… At any time… Ok, Ok, that may be an exaggeration 😊 but do let us know what your interest is and when – we may be able to get a group together…

And hey, we do these group tours regularly to Europe, Israel, Thailand, Jordan, Greece, China, Bhutan, Russia, Balkans… Stay tuned, visit our website regularly, stalk us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you posted as and when we announce these tours.

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