A Run to Remember


A Run to Remember

Get on your sneakers and water bottles for this new adventure.

If you have watched Forrest Gump, you were probably awestruck at the character running and running and running while traveling across the country and encountering unknown adventures. What if we tell you that you can actually combine running and traveling to make your next holiday a Runcation? While this may sound a little unbelievable, it is now a growing fad among the adventure-seeking travel enthusiasts.

Vacations for many might mean lying around sipping cocktails but for others, it is yet another excuse to get their muscles moving. This might seem to confuse you. Why would anyone want to be drenched in sweat and exhausted when on a vacation? Isn’t it supposed to be the opposite? The only time you actually get to lie around and do nothing? But vacations which involve a lot of running are slowly gaining popularity and are in fact called Runcations.

The idea behind it is to run and explore new destinations, usually in groups of similar enthusiastic people. With more and more people becoming health conscious and the number of runners increasing by the day, people do not want to give up their daily dose of adrenaline boost even while on a vacation. But these runcations are not just restricted to good runners or people who run on a daily basis. Anyone and everyone can be a part of it. While these are mostly races that help you compete and explore at the same time, it is not necessary to be a part of any race as long as you have the love for running in you.

If you plan for a Runcation, it is always better to have some company. Not only do you get extra moral support to continue your run but it’s always good to have someone cheering up for you and being there in times of need. Runcation is already is a popular concept abroad and covers a variety of destinations in South America, Europe, and the United States. Although new to the concept, India is slowly adopting it and you can find several such places in Madhya Pradesh.

Runcations not only energize and strengthen your physical self but you are mentally refreshed too. Also, the advantage of running in new and different countries doesn’t make the run boring and tedious at all. It’s one of the best ways to get to know a new country or region. As you run and take in your surroundings, you get to interact with the locals at different stops. For the foodies out there, you get to experience the cuisine at its authentic best while tasting some local flavors. The best part is that Runcations happen away from all the hustle and bustle of the cities, literally taking you into the wild. And bringing in some solitude.

If you have the heart for adventure and the spirit of an explorer, a runcation might be all you need. Not only will it make your travel truly unique but might also turn out to be an amazing story to keep forever.

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